Atlanta United dreaming big as they try and poach MLS’ biggest soccer stars

MLS is reporting that Atlanta United want Nick Rimando for their inaugural season. Oh yeah? How about we throw in Landon Donovan as well? 

Yesterday the MLS released the tweet below stating that future franchise Atlanta United were looking to acquire Nick Rimando from Real Salt Lake. Before we even get to that insane attempt, why is MLS tweeting this out? Since when is a league in the business of pushing transfer rumors? Can you image the official Premier League account tweeting out “Report: Manchester City have sights set on Alexi Sanchez”?

Plus you add on top of that the ridiculous situation where the MLS is a single entity league and must approve all player signings and movements. This might as well read “Report: MLS considering moving one of it’s couches downstairs to a new man cave.” We all know there is one true Don when it comes to MLS, and he will decide if he approves this movement of his toys.

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Rimando is 37 and has been with RSL for 10 seasons. He is one or two at most seasons from retiring. Why give up a comfortable place with his family, to join a new club in Atlanta? I’m sure he has been to Atlanta at some point, thus that rules out any desire to move their for the environment. But hey while they are at it, let’s dream big Atlanta United!

Here are three other sure bets for you to look into:

1 – Didier Drogba:

He is disgruntled in Montreal and likely headed back to Chelsea as a coach. Why not convince him that Hotlanta is a better destination?

2 – Kaka:

He loves the whole new franchise angle (see: Orlando). Tell him the real winners of MLS are the people who create new teams, but win trophies. See you already won a title in Orlando. Oh, that’s just a goal celebration?

3 – Carlos Ruiz:

The little fish, only loves one thing more than scoring goals in MLS (89, 10th all-time). That is joining MLS teams! You would have the chance to offer Ruiz his eighth different MLS contract. You won’t do a lot in year one Atlanta, make this your goal.

Good luck Atlanta United, you are nothing if not bold.

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