Zidane has totally embarrassed himself

Ethan Tait

The Zidane name carries a lot of weight in football. Zinedine Zidane is arguably one of the best midfielders to ever play the game, so you can expect his kids to have a lot of expectation put on their young shoulders. 

All four sons of the French legend are currently in the Real Madrid youth system with his two oldest, Luca and Enzo, playing for the Real Madrid B team, Real Madrid Castilla .

Unfortunately, none of his children will ever live up to his name and his ability. This places an unfair burden on them as they progress as footballers.

His oldest son, Enzo, will be a decent footballer, but won’t ever make it at the Bernabeu. He’ll end up playing and having a successful career playing for smaller clubs.

Zinedine Zidane’s second son, Luca, is a goalkeeper for the Real Madrid B team where he has been less than impressive and Manuel Almunia-esque in net. For Luca, football isn’t the answer.

For starters, he’s a goalkeeper with the last name Zidane. He’s already made a terrible mistake there and his play has consistently showed it. Luca has pulled some noteworthy gaffes in net as of late.


It would be understood if this was a rare occurrence from the young goalkeeper, but he’s made a habit out of doing stupid shit in net. With the Zidane name, you can’t get away with making mistakes without the media talking about you.

Most of his errors have come in the Youth UEFA Cup and have been quite obvious gaffes.


The media is ruthless when it comes to big names and Zidane is one of the biggest in the world of football. Real Madrid is the most difficult club to play for in world football and if he continues to make errors like this, Los Blancos will just let him loose, regardless of who his father is.

Luca won’t be able to deal with the constant pressure from the club and the press and will take a slippery slope out of football. What can you expect with a goalkeeper with the last name Zidane?

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