Pat Rice has revealed which Arsenal players used to bully Gervinho

G’wan, Pat Rice, lad; the former Arsenal player and Assistant Manager has done a tell-all book with a few ? moments that you’d normally expect on the front of Heat magazine from the scum of the earth cast member from Geordie Shore.

“Gervinho was bullied the most, three players Frimpong, Wilshire and Jenkinson all had warnings for calling him retardinho”

Pat Rice

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Poor ol’, Gervinho; awful barnet, a first touch that resembles that of bambi on ice – only bambi is also dead – and deemed so much of a joke, that even Carl Jenkinson who says things like this…

…thinks that even he isn’t as much of a joke as Gervinho.

And bloody Jack Wilshere piping up? I mean, come on. The guy is a chav who got lucky – you always imagine there was a point in the England international’s life, where he could’ve ended up on Jeremy Kyle rather than running out for the Three Lions.

Don’t even get me started on Frimpong; a walking catchphrase, who surrounds himself with fellow knobheads, and once or twice kicked a ball.

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In fairness to the Gunners trio, though, they may have a point…

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