WATCH: Arsenal have the most loyal fans

The North London derby is here ?. Another chance for Tottenham to show they’ll always be the budget side in the northern part of the capital, and another chance for Moussa Sissoko to showcase to the Premier League that he’s worth every penny of his £30 million transfer ?. 

We’re sure Arsenal Fan TV will be in predictably brilliant form after the game; with the Gunners faithful doing their usual post-match analysis which involves the best sort of pub chat we’ve ever come across.

The TV channel has decided to do a little test of how loyal Arsenal fans are this week. The host of the show has gone around asking if Arsenal fans would put a Spurs shirt on for 100 quid.

How many do you reckon said…

“Ye go on then, I’ll do it, that’ll get a few rounds in down the local watering hole. Boys e’ll be happy”…

Every London football fan




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Yup, pretty fair ay?! Not one caved. We’ll see if their team are just as impressive on Sunday.

Up the Gunners.

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