7 of the most disrespectful celebrations against former clubs

The sheer awkwardness of facing your old club is somewhat similar to bumping into an ex in the street; it’s uncomfortable and you want it to be over as soon as possible. However, some players have not only succeeded against their ex-employers, but they’ve rubbed it in their faces!

Emmanuel Adebayor vs Arsenal

Honestly, what a delightful arsehole Emmanuel Adebayor was in this moment. After scoring for City against former club Arsenal, the forward ran the length of the pitch just to engage in a knee slide in front of the travelling Gunners faithful – he used up more energy on the dash towards them, than he did in his whole career.

Danny Welbeck vs Manchester United


Spoiler warning, this isn’t even the last entry featuring Arsenal. Danny Welbeck was nurtured by Sir Alex Ferguson at Manchester United, and in order to show his appreciation for that he decided to produce a subtle yet cocky celebration after netting at the Stretford End. It was like watching a shit Luke Skywalker turning to the dark side.

David Luiz vs Chelsea


David Luiz somehow seems to get by on masquerading himself as an attacking-midfielder when in reality he’s supposed to be a centre-back. However, at least that means he managed to make Jose Mourinho pull a face that looked like someone had pissed in his coffee.

Robin van Persie vs Arsenal

Arsenal fans were already prepared to hunt RvP down and set him on fire after the Dutchman made the move to United, but this made things oh so much worse. His headed effort and jubilant celebration against them likely coincided with an increased number of burst blood vessels among Gunners fans, with many likely hatching elaborate and drunken ways in which to murder him.

Cristiano Ronaldo vs Sporting Lisbon

What a cock. Following a delightful free-kick against the club that literally brought him up, superstar Ronaldo shrugged his shoulders and pulled facial expressions that echoed a similar celebration by Thierry Henry. News flash, Ronaldo; you could never lace up Henry’s boots and your lack of respect towards Sporting, highlights why everyone would rather be locked in a room with Joey Barton, than him.

Son Heung-Min vs Hamburg

Nowadays, Son Heung-Min is busy lighting up the Premier League, but after his move from Hamburg to Bayer Leverkusen he was a little bit naughty. The Asian forward netted against his former side and his celebration, whilst not as extreme as some on this list, certainly ruffled some feathers due to the sheer over-confidence he was displaying. Tut tut.

Carlos Tevez vs Manchester United

Mr Tevez takes the ultimate plaudits for not one, but two celebrations in one game. The Argentine twice raced past United fans during the frantic aftermath of his goals, and in the latter he actually had the nerve to hold his hand up to his ears to really shit all over The Red Devils. I mean, god only knows what would’ve happened if he got the hat-trick.

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