Meet the woman Sergio Garcia plans to marry in his green jacket

A year ago, we knew Angela Akins as a former collegiate golfer at the University of Texas and an on-air personality at the Golf Channel.

Now, and likely in the full view of history, we’ll know Ms. Akins as Sergio Garcia’s wife and important team member. While the often mercurial Garcia has seemed happier and more grounded since announcing his engagement in January, it’s clear Akins’ influence is more substantial than originally suspected.

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Consider what Sergio had to say after winning the green jacket about the influence of Akins and her former star college quarterback, Marty.

“It definitely helps, there’s no doubt about the background that the whole family has. Marty is a very, very positive, very, you know, outspoken and very, very confident kind of guy, and it definitely helps when he’s encouraging you and things like that. Those things are nice to see. Angela is the same way. They are all very competitive. So you know, they are positive things to help out, for sure.”

Akins, as mentioned was an accomplished golfer at Texas, and she still plays golf regularly, reportedly maintaining a three handicap and winning her club championship a couple of years ago. She worked for FOX Sports Southwest before joining the Golf Channel. And, fun fact, Drew Brees is her cousin!

But while we’re on the subject of Sergio Garcia’s green jacket, it seems the Masters champ is considering wearing it when he and Akins tie the knot in July.

“We [he and Akins] were just talking about it…This one is a little bit too big (laughter). It would be nice, but no — I don’t know. We’ll get to the point when we get there.”

Heckuva lot better than Bubba Watson wearing his to a Waffle House. Even Danny Willett wearing it to Wimbledon was better than that.

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And in an effort to get to know the happy couple better, let’s have a look at their collective presence on Instagram.

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