Will Gary Lineker stand by his latest shocking tweet?

Ben Mountain

England hero. MOTD star. Crisp endorser. Whoever he is to you, everyone knows Gary Lineker.

And at the beginning of this season, everyone knew him just a little bit better…

Anyway, the popular TV host and Golden Boot holder has now gone one better. One of the few former pros capable of expressing themselves articulately, ‘shat on’ Lineker has become a bit of a Twitter sensation. The retired Leicester forward has often expressed his undying love and loyalty for the midlands club and on Sunday, he took to Twitter to affirm it. Brave words indeed…

Lineker received widespread approval for sticking by his word after the Foxes stormed to Premier League victory last season and despite the oversized undies that the Beeb prepared out of concern for the pre-watershed morning re-run (boxers being too terrifying a prospect for a Sunday morning) – no one could really slag him off for it. But would the former Barca legend stick by this latest promise? We doubt it. Perhaps the small hours of the morning on a different sort of channel may take acceptance, however…

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And given that the odds on Leicester actually retaining their title this season are a worryingly slim 250/1 with some bookies compared to last season’s 5000/1; you’d think Lineker would lower the stakes somewhat. But, no, the man has gone charging in.

Rumour has it he’s preparing his next MOTD stunt should they win the Champions League…

Should Leicester go on to win the Champions League this season, I’ll re-enact that moment at Italia ’90 whilst Robbie Savage serenades me with deep, grating Welsh undertones. #YOLO

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We can only dream for the perma-tanned silver fox.

But if he does stick by this promise, we can assume two things: firstly, no more BBC thanks to hoards of the complaining Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells and secondly – Gary Lineker will be a name sung round University campuses across the country for such a freshers week-esque act.

Fingers crossed Ranieri and his men pull off a miracle once again, then. Though, Gary, we’re not actually too keen on the stick part. Bit weird.

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