Things just go from bad to worse for West Ham

Jack Yates

West Ham’s converted London Stadium is a disaster, period. At first, it looked like the Hammers got a great stadium that was mostly funded through taxpayer money. Now? Well…everything except the stadium itself is falling apart.

There’s so much dirt on the stadium that it’s tough to find a place to start. It’s almost comical, really. So…here’s a list!

1. Trash Crowds

One of the most publicized issues has been repeated clashes between spectators. West Ham fans can’t stop beating people up — each other, opposing fans, basically anyone. The worst of it was when Chelsea visited in the League Cup at the end of October.

Everyone knew that it’d be a huge London derby with potential for an awful situation. That’s exactly what it turned out to be. Two hundred people — yes, two hundred people have now received stadium bans after fans fought, yelled and threw projectiles at each other. They even banned alcohol sales prior to the game, but idiots will be idiots!

Even before that, there were issues at the game against Middlesbrough and also infighting when the Hammers crashed out of the Europa League. Now, the club has been forced to hire private security thugs to roam the stadium. The sad part is that high-tension games later in the season will probably still get pretty brawl-y anyway.

2. Trash Security

Crowd security isn’t even the only security that’s shit at the London Stadium. In late September, three teenagers somehow broke into the London Stadium one night and did whatever they pleased. And then they tweeted about it and made a YouTube video! It shows the teens sitting on the roof and playing on the pitch, with absolutely no security in sight. How???

3. Trash Atmosphere

That empty stadium looks real spacious, doesn’t it? That leads to another problem for West Ham. Their former home at the Boleyn Ground was cramped and crazy, leading to a hostile atmosphere for opposing players on the pitch. It helped the Hammers bully their way to goals.

At the London Stadium, the crowd is much, much further away from the pitch (which is surrounded by a running track). Some fans haven’t felt at home in the cavernous new ground…this basically sums it up:

4. Trash Deal

Lastly, the great deal we thought West Ham negotiated has gone completely south. When the Olympic Stadium was converted to the multi-purpose ground that is now the London Stadium, it was almost a complete rebuild. The roof had to be expanded, retractable seating installed and fan hospitality updated.

The original estimated bill for all of this has now doubled to £323m, causing a government investigation. That caused the stadium chairman to resign. Oh, and a safety officer also quit because of fears about the retractable seating impacting the stadium’s structure.

But wait! Wouldn’t a corporate naming rights deal bring the stadium some much-needed revenue? Well…it would, but potential companies have been scared off by all of the crowd trouble.

Told you it was a disaster…good thing West Ham only have a 99-year lease!

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