WATCH: Messi throws 12-year-old girl tantrum following booking

Love him or hate him, Lionel Messi can act like a 12 year-old-girl, on occasion. At least when Cristiano Ronaldo does it, the Portuguese international knows he’s being a bit of a prick.

Messi is in denial to the fact, and tries to continually pass himself of as the most PC footballer going. Well, we’d like to see people come to the Argentine’s defence with this reaction to a yellow card. Grow up, Lionel…

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Yes, the No. 10 has been chopped, and lost one of his magic wheels in the process. But, that doesn’t mean he can just pitch up a tent on the floor, and take as long as he likes to resurface. It’s as if the Barca captain is having a kickabout with his mates on a Sunday; on his own clock, not a care in the world.

Sevilla were trailing in a huge game, and were well within their rights to feel aggrieved at Messi. It looks as if it’s the first time the Barca man has ever tied a shoelace, you know when you’re seven years old – no, not that fuckin’ song by Lukas Graham – and your Mum’s trying to teach you how to do a double knot. Once mastered, we all know the drill…

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Worst thing about it is, Messi gets warned by the ref, and then tries to get the opposing player booked. For a player who prides himself on playing the moral card more often than Hilary Clinton sends dodgy emails, he doesn’t half act like an absolute c*&% on so many occasions in this clip.

Barca eventually ran out 2-1 winners, and find themselves two points behind Real Madrid who top the table. Still, Messi’s left the weekend topping the charts for showing himself to be the jumped up tosser he is.

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