Liverpool have set a very impressive Premier League record

From laughing stocks to title contenders, somehow Jurgen Klopp has transformed Liverpool into one of the top sides in the country once again; who would’ve thought it?!

It must be a relatively easy process being a Liverpool fan. When you’re down and out with results going against the team, all you need to do is bring up all your league and European triumphs. And then if things are looking positive for once, you just utter the phrases “I told you so” and “It’s our year” – insufferable stuff.

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Either way, nobody can deny the work Jurgen Klopp has done since taking the helm at Anfield. They’ve dominated sides left right and centre and their recent demolition of Watford actually broke the Premier League record for most shots on target since Opta records began.

To say it’s an impressive feat would be an understatement. At the start of the campaign it was Manchester City who were everyone’s pick to run away with the title, with many people even betting on them to score over 100 league goals.

But Klopp’s brand of attractive football has finally translated from Dortmund to Liverpool, and if you asked many Reds fans at the start of the season if they thought they’d be top in November then, well, they would’ve had brain damage if they said yes.

Jordan Henderson, who seems to have experienced something of a career rejuvenation, spoke about the run of form following the game against the Hornets.

“I feel this is a very good team with good players, but you don’t get anything for being top in November

“I say it every week and I know it’s boring, but it’s the truth, we have to concentrate on each game, work hard in training and work hard for each other.”

Whether or not Liverpool can maintain this run of form remains to be seen, especially given their tendency to give supporters hope before dramatically collapsing. But then again, this time round they don’t have Stevie G on hand to trip and fall when it’s needed most. Maybe Hendo will take up the honour, who knows.

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