Suarez reveals hilarious Sturridge story in *that* Manchester United victory

Luis Suarez; the bloke everyone loves to hate. Still, the striker has top banter, can laugh at himself and, above all, the Uruguayan is the best No. 9 in the world, right now. 

Notorious for his bite going forward, particularly when he was in England playing at Liverpool. And who remembers that game where Liverpool completely turned Manchester United over 3-0 at Old Trafford against good ol’ David Moyes?!

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Yep *that bloke*; the one who has managed to single-handedly bend three clubs over the desk, and royally fuck em’ all up; from the Basque region, to the North East of England.

And that 3-0 loss to Liverpool at Old Trafford was one of the Scotsman’s vintage displays since leaving Everton in 2013.

United simply couldn’t live with Suarez & co. on that day in 2014, and the Barca forward has revealed a rather amusing story from the match around a dancing, Daniel Sturridge.

“I must admit, I never thought I would see three penalties given against Manchester United at Old Trafford. I certainly didn’t think we would get the one given to Sturridge. He threw himself down. But then it was such a good dive that even I thought it was a penalty.

But then I also saw how annoyed Vidic was, which made me think that perhaps it wasn’t a foul. When I saw the replay, I realised that Daniel was about a metre away from Vidic. I said to Daniel later, ‘Can you imagine what would have happened if that would have been me’. He said ‘I felt him touching me’ and started laughing.”

Luis Suarez, extract from his autobiography

Source: Daily Mail

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Sounds like pretty usual Sturridge antics to us; unsporting, selfish, basically anything to not pass the ball around like a plate of Spanish tapas.

And, Suarez is right, the guy had every Tom, Dick and Harry after him in England – there’s no way the Uruguayan would have got that penalty.

Still, Luis has had the last laugh. The No. 9 is now the best striker in the world, and Sturridge has a career on Merseyside that involves polishing Sadio Mane’s boots and picking up Roberto Firmino’s dry cleaning.

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