Liverpool are just eight games away from winning the Premier League

Adam Brown

The 2016 Premier League table has unveiled some interesting indicators for the remainder of the season. It’s important to not get too carried away of course (unless you’re a Liverpool fan) – as the Reds would be eight games away from winning the league! 

Liverpool and Klopp’s Success

Liverpool’s position in this form table is certainly more down to their performance, this season. They’ve been almost impossible to defend against this season, not least due to the contribution of Africa’s Messi.

Sadio Mané has been ridiculous so far, and the way he’s currently playing would see him start at any team in the league. When he’s not scoring, he’s celebrating every goal like his own – by mimicking exactly what the scorer is doing! Class.

The addition of Mané – plus Liverpool’s other signings this summer – is making them look like a complete team. Is it actually Liverpool’s year? 2016 looks to be so far – but the league starts in August. Let’s hope Jurgen Klopp can keep his heavy metal band rolling long enough.

The Mystery of West Ham

After getting rid of Big Sam, West Ham were meant to push on and be a team who would be challenging for the top four. Did this misunderstanding contribute to the Hammers getting a free tax-payer funded stadium where they could attempt to bring 60,000 fans to? The mystery of West Ham continues to baffle fans as the Hammers pose as a club of giant status, the club who won the World Cup in 1966.

West Ham are simply not playing well enough to represent the message which their media team send out. They have got a little bit carried away with Slaven Bilic – when was he ever known for an expansive footballing style? The managerial change sparked suggestions that West Ham would be competing with the likes of Arsenal, Spurs and Chelsea – but at this rate, West Ham’s derby match will be Fulham next season – and without Payet, the tourists of London will likely just stick to the standard stadium tour.

Manchester Utd are still not scoring enough goals

After spending half a billion since Fergie left, you would expect that Manchester United would be challenging for the title. United’s goal difference is not even remotely close to that of the top four sides in 2016 and it’s clear why people like Paul Scholes are getting pretty annoyed!

The arrival of Mourinho was overhyped and everyone thought that United would be title challengers this season. Goals are the issue, and Zlatan has not looked anything like the man who contributed to 51 goals for Paris Saint-Germain, last season. Yep, Pogba will also score the occasional freak goal, and Martin Tyler will show his extreme appreciation – as with any United event. But is Paul Pogba doing enough so far to justify his price tag?

The media and fans will start to turn on Mourinho soon enough if results – and especially goal difference – do not improve. They’re sure to be running out of patience with managers after a dreadful 2016. Roll on 2017!

Where are Crystal Palace?

After an FA Cup Final, as well as the additions of Christian Benteke and cut-in-and-shoot 90% of the time artist, Andros Townsend, Palace looked like a team who could really build on their campaign of 15/16 – have the players lost faith in Pardew after his dancing methods?

If games were won by portraying good support, they’d be doing much better – as Sky Sports insist on turning up the microphones at Selhurst Park. Regardless, Pardew must improve results or he will be dancing his way out of the Premier League.

Leicester aren’t magic after all

Leicester have shown they were actually pretty poor all along. Perhaps they used some untraceable performance enhancers last year, hidden in Claudio Ranieri’s spice cabinet. It’s possible… considering how they went from such an excellent counter-attacking team to being completely destroyed by the top sides, this campaign.

Their only notable player they didn’t retain was N’Golo Kante, so it’s bemusing as to why they have turned into complete trash. Thankfully, Jamie Vardy hasn’t sorted out any invites for an end-of-season party this year – mainly because his computer was broken at the last one, but it may be repaired should Leicester survive in their relegation battle this year.


The 2016 form table shows that the league would actually be a lot more entertaining if it started on January 1st, but conversely, this would interfere with all our international tournaments! Still, however, that wasn’t any concern for Mohammed Bin-Hammam and the corrupt Qatari World Cup bid, which somehow won.

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