It’s time Major League Soccer started learning from the Liga MX

Ethan Tait

The upcoming match between the USMNT and Mexico to start off the Hexagonal not only brings national pride into question, but also how the top two sides in CONCACAF compare to one another. 

For the most part, the two sides have been comparable throughout history with very few differences to separate them over the years. But a divide will soon grow between the two and the cause for this is the development of youth soccer, much like the one one that will occur if Donald Trump is elected.

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The ability to proper develop youth players will be the difference between the two sides. Mexico can produce youth talent while the US has to ship its talent overseas to develop because of the league.

Let’s take Christian Pulisic, for example. Pulisic could possibly be the best player to ever put on a USMNT jersey when all is said and done, but Mexico has consistently produced players like Pulisic, but from their own league.

The young Borussia Dortmund man was not part of an MLS academy, but found his way to the Dortmund first-team. The MLS simply isn’t conducive for the success of young players. The league is too fucking keen on making dollar, than transforming and sustaining the success of the national team.

Mexico on the other hand has consistently produced talent in Liga MX that has then made the transition from Mexico to Europe and sustained a career overseas.

The likes of Javier Hernandez, Jesus Corona, Andres Guardado, Hector Herrera, and Rafael Marquez all were developed in Mexico before jumping to Europe. The US has had some players go across after playing in the MLS, but the same levels of success haven’t been reached.

For the most part, the USMNT has been able to compete through the ability of a few strong players, but Mexico and its ability to develop quality players and send them off to play in the top leagues in Europe will now start to show as the MLS continually fails to foster young talent.

The USMNT might claim a famous 2-0 win in Columbus, but fans should be worried for the domination of Mexico in years to come.

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