Hazard is continuing to embarrass Mourinho, despite Chelsea sacking

Ethan Tait

Last season, Eden Hazard and Chelsea looked like Paul Pogba and Manchester United this season. The common denominator? Jose Mourinho, the (not so) Special One.

Eden Hazard was absolutely terrible last year following his PFA Player of the Year season in 2014/15. Without a goal Premier League goal until March, Hazard was abysmal in a Chelsea shirt.

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Fortunately for all of those poor fans who support the Blues, Eden Hazard has recaptured his form that put him on Real Madrid’s radar. The sacking of Jose Mourinho and the rebirth of Chelsea under Antonio Conte has allowed Hazard to have a renaissance of sorts.

In eleven Premier League matches this season, Hazard already has topped his total from last season with seven goals and an assist. Unfortunately for the rest of the league, Hazard is full of confidence and ready to give a middle finger to all his haters from last season.

The Belgian international is flourishing in the Conte system with Diego Costa and making Chelsea not look so shitty, they’re letting Jose Mourinho and Manchester United have that task.

Eden Hazard has revealed what the difference for him this year after being fucking shit last campaign.

Jose Mourinho was the reason for the poor season. He was pissed off at everyone, looking for moles in the dressing room, and not being supportive. Thank God the twat moved to United, Conte is brilliant in comparison. Actually, David Moyes is brilliant in comparison and he’s won, what? One game this season? The Special One is dead and I couldn’t be more pleased.

Eden Hazard

It seems as if Eden Hazard was setting up Jose Mourinho for failure by choosing not to play last season. Although it’s always great to watch Chelsea suffer, Hazard’s decision was a poor one by a professional and an utter disgrace. You’re getting paid to play Premier League football, you can decide to turn your ability on and off as you please.

If this sort of play continues, Hazard will not only be a top winger again, but will also be attracting the interest of Real Madrid. It is truly a double-edged sword for Chelsea as they want him to be successful for the sake of the club, but also risk losing him.

Regardless, Hazard is back to his best and Mourinho is wrong again.

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