Combined Best XI: USA vs. Mexico (World Cup Qualifying)

Friday marks the start of the final round of World Cup Qualifying for CONCACAF. The USA vs. Mexico headlines match day 1. 

USA vs. Mexico is the premier rivalry in the CONCACAF region. The US has held a recent advantage in the WCQ series in Columbus, with a number of 2-0 wins (better known as Dos a Cero), and whatever happens, someone is sure to be in a bad mood going into the second leg of qualifying


Who makes the best combined XI for these bitter rivals?



Seriously though, check out this streak of US/Mexico battles held in Columbus, Ohio – there have been four all time.

  1. 2/28/01 – 2002 WCQ, US wins 2-0
  2. 9/2/05 – 2006 WCQ, US wins 2-0
  3. 2/11/09 – 2010 WCQ, US wins 2-0
  4. 9/10/13 – 2014 WCQ, US wins 2-0


There is our combined best XI for US & Mexico. Honestly, I think that this team would not only roll CONCACAF undefeated, but would challenge at the World Cup. This is a final eight team easily. The squad has pace and experience all over the place. The biggest issue would just be getting these North American rivals to work together.

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