Why is Sebastian Giovinco wasting his time in the MLS?

Ethan Tait

Sebastian Giovinco has almost single-handedly made Toronto FC relevant again as every game he plays in is a highlight reel that demonstrates his class as a footballer and has made every MLS defense look stupid. 

The diminutive striker has been terrorizing teams since his arrival at the club from Juventus in early 2015, but the Italian is seemingly paying the consequences for his move to America. Although Giovinco is getting paid $7-million-a-year to play in the MLS, his international career will cease to exist until he moves on from the league.

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New Italian national team coach, Giampiero Ventura, has made it very clear that Giovinco will not play for the Azzurri as long as he plays in the MLS. Ventura was very blunt in his explanation of why Sebastian Giovinco was not selected for the upcoming World Cup qualifiers.

I have done everything to help him but the reality is that he plays in a league that doesn’t matter much. And the number of goals he scores is less important because with the quality he has got, he is bound to make a difference in that league. The problem is that if you play in that type of league, and you get used to playing in that type of league, it becomes a problem of mentality.

Giampiero Ventura

Well, shit. That fucking hurts the MLS, but Ventura is right. The MLS is not a top league, that is the bottom line.

A player of Giovinco’s status can join the league and make it look like every game is a training exercise. Many were confused when the Italian made the jump to the MLS at 27 years old, the peak of his footballing life, but it is evident that Giovinco thought money was far more important that playing in Europe.

The MLS can’t be the only one to blame in this situation as Sebastian Giovinco did choose to come to play in America, but the comments of Ventura truly reveal the status of the MLS amongst top European countries. Let this be an example of the consequences that must be faced for choosing money over top football.

The MLS needs to step up its game and Giovinco needs to leave the MLS.

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