The 10 best players without a Major Championship

Sergio Garcia removed himself from an inglorious list with his Masters victory. The 37-year-old Spaniard, who had started in 74 majors before breaking through, is no longer the best player without a major championship victory.

Why do golf fans love this discussion so much? Well, the barstool “who’s the best without a major” debate is a great one because, well, it gets at the heart of who the great ones are. It requires a nuanced definition of how we define “the best” players overall.

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It requires, too, a discussion of the window we give young players. If you’re a great young player, say Jon Rahm, you’re expected to win a major in short order. If you’re a good young player, say Matthew Fitzpatrick, you’re given more latitude to rack up major experience before we saddle you with the “best without” label. Is this fair? Maybe not.

But while it’s fun for us to discuss the Tour’s best without major victories, it’s certainly not a distinction the players in question are proud of. How do you think Phil Mickelson felt in the years leading up to his breakthrough at the Masters?

Anyway, in framing the “best without” debate, the question shouldn’t be “Who are the best golfers without a major,” but rather, “How shocking is it that player X hasn’t won a major?” So while, say, Lee Westwood isn’t the same caliber of player as Justin Thomas, it’s infinitely more surprising Westy never managed to get the job done in his 70-plus major starts relative to Thomas’ seven.

With that said, here are the 10 best PGA Tour golfers (who are still playing on the PGA Tour) without a major victory (Thus, no Colin Montgomerie or Thomas Bjorn here).

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