Pochettino has just made Tottenham history

Mauricio Pochettino is pretty much on the way to being awarded the freedom of Tottenham. It’s only a matter of time before a statue is erected commemorating finishing behind Arsenal again, and over the weekend the Argentine went closer to that eventual day, with a draw in the North London derby.

The man in charge at White Hart Lane has become the first Tottenham Hotspur manager in history to remain undefeated in his first five Premier League derbies. Now, that’s hardly surprising given he’s actually half competent and Spurs have spent the last few decades playing the role of Wenger’s bitch.

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Then again, with a number of those games being draws we have to examine how successful that actually makes him. At the end of the day, the Gunners were still celebrating St. Totteringham’s Day back in May, and the smart money is on the same thing happening this year, too.

It just seems like yet another way in which the Tottenham faithful can feel good about themselves in the absence of any real achievements. If anything, they should’ve beaten Arsenal at the weekend and they really let them off with their poor finishing.

That’s not to say Arsenal fans aren’t just as bad. They love to torment and tease their rivals as much as anyone, and their expectations year in and year out gradually fall from league title, to domestic cup to just finishing above Spurs.

There is still a long way to go in this endless war of attrition between the two rivals. It’s by far one of the most entertaining derbies on a consistent basis, but we have to remember this is masking the real problem at hand – silverware.

What they need to do is harness this energy into a surge of momentum. There’s always room for improvement where these two teams are concerned, especially with Spurs. Just look at their start to the season; they’re still unbeaten but over half of their results have been draws.

Either way, this is another fascinating chapter in what is turning out to be a back and forth war that would be better suited to Game of Thrones. Well, a shit Game of Thrones.

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