David Ospina helped James Rodriguez nail his sister

Bros before hoes tends to be the statement that gets brought up when it comes to mates and women. But in the case of David Ospina, he just decided “fuck it – I’ll combine the two” by helping teammate James Rodriguez get together with his sister.

There aren’t too many things that good friends won’t do for each other. For example, lending them some money or giving them a lift, but assisting in allowing your pal to defile your sister shows some serious dedication.

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Let’s be honest here, Ospina was probably just trying to be nice. As revealed in an interview with Fox Sports, the ‘keeper introduced the two, many years ago, and the rest as they say is history – going on to get married in 2010 and have a daughter together.

“James left Colombia when he was very young. I did not have the chance to meet him at that time. Then my sister told me she was dating a Colombian player. I had to help a lot because the old ones did not quite agree. I said be quiet, that everything is organised. James stole the heart of my sister but I had to help get him into the family.”

David Ospina

Couldn’t he have just helped him out in training or some shit? Most brothers in this situation would grab the nearest blunt object before hunting down their ‘friend’ in a fit of blind rage.
Then again, the family are doing fairly well for themselves. With David and James playing for Arsenal and Real Madrid, respectively, whilst the latter’s wife is a volleyball player, they must have some pretty competitive family games at Christmas.

Just imagine the banter in the Colombian dressing room, too. The first time walking into that environment after everyone found out about the relationship must’ve been like getting roasted in the group chat multiplied by a million. Poor fella.

Who knows, maybe David can track down a long lost relative of James’. Revenge is a dish best served cold, and all that.

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