Zlatan Ibrahimovic needs to get his head checked after latest comments

Ethan Tait

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has played for some of the most historic clubs in all of Europe. He’s lived in Paris, Milan, Amsterdam, Turin, and Barcelona, but Zlatan for some fucking reason ranks Manchester as the best city he’s lived in throughout his career.¬†

The man has gone mental.

Have you lost your fucking mind, Zlatan? You’ve lived in some of the greatest cities in all of Europe and you choose industrial Manchester as your favorite. That goal drought must’ve of gotten to his head.

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When asked about the best city he’s lived in, Zlatan responded with,

I heard a lot of things that the city is this, the city is that, the weather is like this and the weather is like that, but so far everything has been good. The city is the best city so far.

I come from Sweden, I don’t have big expectations when it comes to — how do you say it? — outside football. I’m pretty simple, I’m a family guy. For me, they come in the first phase, the rest is less important.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Zlatan has been in Manchester for all of three months, so the assessment about the weather cannot be made yet. Also, let’s not forget that upon his arrival to Paris, Zlatan was considering buying a hotel to convert it into his personal residence. Simple and Zlatan don’t mix.


So the thought of a city like Manchester being at the top of Zlatan’s list is hard to fathom. The only real monument in Manchester is Old Trafford, so it is truly not a city that represents Zlatan as a person.

For Christ’s sake, he said the only way he was going to stay at PSG was if the changed the Eiffel Tower to the Zlatan Tower, the man is far too narcissistic and needs a big city to contain him.

Whatever the case, Manchester better hope he still feels this way after the winter in order to stay at Manchester United and help them fight for a spot in the Europa League.

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