Why Josh Duhamel won’t play golf with Mark Wahlberg

Golf has come to the forefront of sports fans’ interest over the last 20 years, with the game now considered to be more ‘fashionable’ than it was in years gone by.

Plus fours and tweed jackets have been replaced with high-top golf shoes and tight fitting trousers, with the PGA Tour pros of today taking on the kind of persona more akin to that of a movie star.

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The increased popularity of the game cannot be solely attributed to the change in attire and fashion, however. Many of the world’s most famous celebrities now consider golf as their primary hobby.

Emmy Award winning actor Josh Duhamel and Golden Globe winner Mark Wahlberg are two examples of the long list of movie stars who list golf as an important part of their lives.

Source: Twitter

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Duhamel explained why he hasn’t had a chance to play with Wahlberg yet, despite his desire to do so, during an exclusive interview:

“Before we started the movie this time around, I was all excited to play golf with Mark, get some rounds in, but he is up way too early. And he plays ‘power rounds’ of golf, which means he is running from one shot to the next. That is what he does for cardio. Then on top of that, he works a full day. The dude is a beast.”

So how many more movie stars swap the big screen for rolling greens during their down-time..

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