Cristiano Ronaldo leaving Real Madrid sooner than you think

Ethan Tait

Cristiano Ronaldo is the latest Galactico to sign a new contract at Real Madrid, what a shocker. After Toni Kroos and Gareth Bale, it was simply a matter of time before the golden boy of the Bernabeu received his share of the wealth. 

With his fourth Ballon d’Or all but assured, Ronaldo signed a deal worth around $500,000-a-week after taxes that will keep him in Madrid until 2021. One of the most exciting men in football is getting rewarded for his goal scoring exploits, but Ronaldo believes he’ll be playing for another 10 damn years.

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In 10 years, Ronaldo will be 41-years-old. What the fuck.

In his press conference regarding his new massive contract he said,

I’m happy here and want to stay here, but this will not be my last deal in football…I want to keep making history and I’m sure that in the next five years I will keep scoring goals and winning trophies with the best club in the world. I want to finish my career at this club but I want this to be my penultimate contract.


Although Cristiano Ronaldo will most likely be an amazing footballer at 41, will he be worth that big of a salary at 41 in terms of production?

Cristiano Ronaldo looks to put Real Madrid into a situation similar to the Lakers with Kobe Bryant. Kobe is the GOAT, but the Lakers sacrificed a lot for the team in order to keep Bryant on the team in terms of salary cap space and shot distribution.

Real Madrid won’t be as kind to Cristiano Ronaldo. Los Blancos are the second most-valuable sports franchise in the world and they won’t be sacrificing money if Ronaldo isn’t performing at a level near the best of his abilities.

So, that leaves the question: How much longer will Cristiano Ronaldo be at the Santiago Bernabeu for following this new contract?

Real Madrid will look to cash out on their super star at the peak moment in order to optimize revenue for the business that is Real Madrid, Inc. Give it three to four years and Ronaldo will have moved onto another team that is willing to pay him massive amounts of money and that isn’t insulting to his abilities. Sorry, MLS.

Cristiano Ronaldo is still the face of Real Madrid, but his time will come when the club finds him no longer the lead producer and looks to explore other options.

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