10 international rivalries that you wouldn’t take your mum to

Ethan Tait

Despite international breaks being poorly timed and always intrusive, international football brings about something that club football can’t: it pits two nations against each other and brings political issues into play on the pitch and in the stands. 

Countries that are bitter enemies are able to play out frustrations in intense matchups on the field as well as run riot in the stands.

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This Friday marks the last time that the Mexican national team plays anywhere in the US in a state that is not on the border, normal stadium use in the North can resume following the next four years.

International rivalries ascend the usual footballing matchups that discuss why a team is shit and brings more pressing issues into plain sight. Football may not be war, but it allows for an avenue of expression and a way to fully express national pride whether that be celebrating a win or beating the shit out of the opposing nation’s away support.

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