Footballer in Mexico kills referee following red card

Yep, you have actually read that right. There’s passion, being disappointed, upset, and then there’s just utter barbaric behaviour which happens in the beautiful game. Legend of the game, Bill Shankly once said…

“Some people think football is a matter of life and death. I assure you, it’s much more serious than that”.

Bill Shankly

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And, seems like an amateur footballer in Mexico has been reading too many Bill Shankly quotes. Sunday league player, Ruben Rivera Vazquez, reportedly went Alan Pardew x1000 on referee, Victor Trejo.

Vazquez was furious at being sent off for a foul, which led the player to head-butt the ref, and the Red Cross confirmed the man’s death. Absolutely shocking.


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Ironically, the game was taking part on a pitch called;  “Amigos del Balon” which is Spanish for “Friends of the Ball”. Yeah, we don’t think Vasquez quite got this.

You know that pick-up truck in ‘Goal’, where Santiago Munez gets a lift from working the garden shifts when in Mexico? Well, the player apparently shot off in one of them, and fucked off to the nearest hospital to get his head bandaged in Terry Butcher style.


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The horrible bastard is still on the run after his moment of madness, but he plays for Sunday League side, Canarios-Roja Gomez, so hopefully there can be some form of tracking the fella down.

I thought the local Sunday League team sometimes took things too far, but this is up there with that Andres Escobar story, where the poor bloke got murdered after scoring an own goal for Colombia in the 1994 World Cup.

Shocking scenes.

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