Ferdinand has revealed the one player he’d have signed for Manchester United

We all know the proceedings during the international break. We’re fuckin’ bored, and we want some news. Something to talk about. There’s no fantasy football, no decent accumulators to put on and no Match of the Day. 

So, every now and again during this depressing time – and no, a game between a few villagers of England against Scotland doesn’t change it – it gives the ‘expert’ pundits a reason to spout some more bollocks in the media.

Just like this bloke, the guy’s a genuine pro in talking shit…


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This time, Rio Ferdinand is up. Don’t worry, we’re sure Paul Scholes will have a moan about something soon. But, Rio has argued who should come to Old Trafford to save Manchester United from a seventh place finish, which is looking more dead on than Arsene Wenger being at Arsenal for another fifty years.

Close your ears Carlo Ancelotti…

“If I was a Man United scout, Renato Sanches would already be at the club. I’d have dragged him by his hair and said ‘let’s go!’

“Renato is a modern player: Aggressive, strong, powerful, got technique, can shoot and pass. I like him. He’s young, but takes responsibility.”

Here we go fucking go. Another time where an ex pro is harping on about how they’d reinvigorate a club. Change the whole recruitment process by grabbing a player by his hair, saying that, there’s definitely enough of it.


We all know Sanches is ‘aggressive, strong and powerful’, and yeah he’d probably be a good player at United. But, at the end of the day, he’s a young bloke, who everyone is raving about because he’s 19. No, the Portuguese player won’t change Man United’s fortune. There’s no need to grab him by his hair, and say ‘let’s go’. I could definitely see Rio doing and saying such a thing though.

Why would he want to come to United as well?! What to learn how to elbow people in training from Marouane Fellaini, or write blogs as good as Juan Mata’s?! Or perhaps get advice from Luke Shaw in how to enjoy football ??

The bottom line is, it’s just another pundit spouting some PR waffle because everyone is bored during this two weeks. Please can the Prem just hurry up and come back, so we don’t have to listen to more nonsense from the pundits stealing the best jobs in the world.

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