Gigabyte Marines Levi Provides A Strong Audition For A Move To The West

The Mid-Season Invitational has thrown the talents of Gigabyte Marines jungler Duy Khanh “Levi” Do into the western spotlight. On an international stage, the promising young talent for Southeast Asia has basked in the opportunity to introduce himself to fans around the world. As the Taiwanese outfit faced off against the North American favourites Team SoloMid, Levi seized his moment to highlight the weakness in TSM’s jungle and teach Dennis “Svenskeren” Johnsen a lesson in the process.

Levi’s career began in 2015 as a mid laner for fellow Vietnamese squad SkyRed, before later switching roles to the jungle. Aggressive in both his mid lane and jungle play style, Levi has always demonstrated an affinity for playing assassins, punishing his opposing number at even given opportunity. His expertise on Kha’Zix was known from his play at the 2016 International Wildcard All-Star Event, showcasing the potency of the newly-reworked Voidreaver.

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With carry junglers taking a prominent role in the current meta, Levi’s match up with renowned Lee Sin player Svenskeren made for a tantalising prospect. Within minutes of Game 1 the battle of the junglers came to a head, in typical “opening-game-TSM” fashion, the NA favourites pushed the boundaries of what can be considered acceptable early game behaviour. Wandering greedily into the jungle of the Gigabyte Marines, Svenskeren sought to steal away a camp but instead found himself at the mercy of Levi who mercilessly punished TSM’s disrespectful play:

The early game set the tone for the rest of the game, with Levi dictating the pace on Kha’Zix. Snowballing from his early advantage, Levi shared the wealth across the rest of the map, pocketing towers and drakes whilst remaining as a question mark on the Team SoloMid radar with some ingenious pathing.

Levi ultimately sealed GAM’s Game 1 victory with a coy baron around the half hour mark, quickly followed by a convincing team fight. Within three minutes the game was over, Levi rested with an impressive 9/1/7 KDA.

Game 2 told an eerily similar story, on this occasion Levi invading the enemy jungle and bagging himself both the buff and first blood on a shell-shocked Svenskeren. Though Søren “Bjergsen” Bjerg was around to save his jungler from complete embarrassment, Sven once again found himself strategically one step behind Levi.

The Gigabyte Marines closed out the game in under 30 minutes after a number of cutting teamfights, Levi’s Kha’Zix remorselessly culling isolated enemy targets. The highlight play of the game demonstrated the Vietnamese junglers confidence, jumping into five members of TSM and escaping with both his life and a dragon secured for GAM:

“Levi is a miracle worker!”

Clayton “CaptainFlowers” Raines

Though unable to close out the series, conceding ultimately to the strength of Team SoloMid’s solo laners, Levi announced his talents to the North American region with aplomb. With the jungle role currently considered so valuable, many impressed parties from the western region may be eyeing Levi’s talents as a possible means by which to strengthen their rosters.

For now at least, Levi will be hoping to qualify through to the group stages of the Mid-Season Invitational, where he will no doubt provide a strong account of himself against the best jungle talent the world has to offer.

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