Mustafi has revealed the reason behind his top form

It’s the weekend, you’re out, you’re drinking. Why not? The week’s over after all. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out how those few beers on a Friday and Saturday massively effects your Sunday League form. Just ask, Shkodran Mustafi

The Arsenal man completely cut out the sauce from a young age, and it’s worked wonders for the lad. The German has picked greens over schnitzel, the Quran over steins, and nights in over Berlin raves; where most people need to go to lost property to find their jaws.

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The defender has sited religion for this lifestyle. Christ, maybe if I’m as disciplined as Mustafi, I might get a new contract at my 5-a-side team on a Tuesday night.

“It started when I was 17 at Everton and I went out with my teammates… ‘You’re German, how is it possible that you’re not drinking?’

“I said, ‘No, I’m Muslim and I’m not drinking’

“I started to read the Quran and it became more and more interesting. It’s helped me a lot.”

Shkodran Mustafi

Fair enough, pal. No wonder Jack Wilshere was on the first train to Bournemouth when the German arrived in London. Doesn’t exactly sound like Mustafi will be going hammer and tongs on a Saturday night, and then end up on the 3am kebab shuffle.

Source: The Mirror

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The Arsenal defender looks like he’s been earning his bread in the Premier League for years. Forming a top partnership with Laurent Koscielny; not that hard to look good when you’re taking over from Bambi on ice himself, Per Mertesacker.

The religious and booze free lifestyle seems to be doing the trick. Might start taking note, will put it on the to do list for 2017 ?.

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