Zidane to get his revenge on Marco Materazzi

Ethan Tait

The 2006 World Cup Final was one of the saddest moments in football history. Marco Materazzi got into the head of legend, Zinedine Zidane, and the Frenchman gave the Italian what he fucking deserved.

We all remember the look Zidane gave, as he passed the World Cup trophy. Yeah, that one, the one you give your ex missus new fella; and now over 10 years later, Zidane gets his revenge.

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Marco Materazzi is a manager in the Indian Super League (who knew?) and is still being the same twat that he was in Europe talking bollocks and what not. This upcoming weekend the Kerala Blasters will be taking on Chennaiyin FC in some sort of derby and the Blasters want to get back at Marco Materazzi with the power of Zidane.

The former Italian international pissed off Blasters fans earlier in the season when he was talking shit – shock – and was involved in a sideline argument. Not sure if that warrants anger, but it is fun to hate Marco Materazzi.

Blasters fans will be demonstrating their hatred for Materazzi by wearing Zidane masks at the game against Chennaiyin. In total, 35,000 fans plan to wear these masks that look like something out of a horror film.


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Those masks are something you dream of on Halloween hoping to hell you never encounter it in real life.

Marco Materazzi is unimpressed with the idea of spending so much money on these and stated,

“Did they spend lots of money for it? I would use that money for food instead.”

Marco Materazzi

If it were any other player, the motives would not be questioned regarding the well-being of other human beings, but this is Materazzi, a player known for being scum. The question remains is Marco Materazzi really just scared of being faced with 35,000 masks of Zidane?

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Hopefully the ploy will work, Materazzi will perform horribly on the sideline or be head-butted for a second time by an over zealous fan of Kerala Blasters and call his sister a whore. Praying for the latter.

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