Mkhitaryan refuses to succumb to Jose Mourinho’s bullying

Ryan Benson

It is often said that in order to avoid coming crashing down with a problem, you should face it head on and take control. Solid advice for general life, and it’s exactly what Henrikh Mkhitaryan is doing at Manchester United. 

The Armenian has, let’s be honest, endured a bit of a nightmare so far at United. Although he initially appeared to be in Jose Mourinho’s first-team plans at the start of the season, he has quickly fallen out of favour.

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Despite being a £37 million signing from Borussia Dortmund, Mourinho hasn’t appeared too bothered about letting that go to waste; the United manager spends more money on room service at the end of the day.

The Portuguese man continues to leave the Armenian out of matchday squads despite saying he is fit, claiming he needs to adapt better to English football; basically keep off Wayne Rooney’s diet. It’s been something of a rude awakening for Mkhitaryan, who last year was unstoppable in Germany.

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However, although Mourinho’s treatment of Mkhitaryan leaves a lot to be desired – come on Jose, he’s better than Jesse Lingard – the 27-year-old is remaining mature about the situation.

“It was definitely not the salary that made me join Manchester United. I went for football reasons. For the history of the club, the league, the fans and the coach, because he is one of the best in the world.

“There are no disappointments, just challenges. I never stop or give up when I encounter obstacles in my way. I just continue going until I reach my career objectives.

“Today I don’t have enough playing time, so I have to do all my best so the coaching staff gives me the chance to play. I know I can succeed at Manchester United and I want to show everyone that I deserve to be a key player in this team, in this league.”

Henrikh Mkhitaryan

While many would kick up a right stink, Mkhitaryan is keeping gracious and has even been rather nice about Mourinho. We have absolutely no idea why, though?! The United manager is acting like a fuckin’ falling dictator, who can’t even as much muster a smile during victory.

The former Chelsea gaffer continues to isolate and unnecessarily throw his players under the bus, and Mkhitaryan is the latest to be hit by one just outside Carrington.

The attacking-midfielder’s technical ability and pace should leave him with a fighting chance of making an eventual impact, even if that doesn’t happen until next season.

But as rumours continue to mount about potential moves, with Dortmund reportedly lurking with the idea of taking him back on loan – in a quicker u-turn than Shinji Kagawa – the Armenian faces an important couple of months.

If he stays beyond January, we can at least assume that he is serious about giving his United career everything he’s got, or else it could be a serious case of Memphis Depay 2.0.

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