Eric Dier is getting weirdly sexual with Kyle Walker

Ethan Tait

Footballers who play for the same club and country usually develop a close relationship due to the amount time spent together. Eric Dier takes the relationship a little bit too far with England right-back and friend, Kyle Walker. 

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Following the drubbing of Scotland – William Wallace didn’t die for that shit – Dier was keen to praise Walker and teammate Danny Rose for their abilities. Dier’s praise of Rose and Walker was normal in the sense that it wasn’t sexual.

“They [Walker and Danny Rose] are unbelievable physically, no-one can match them. They offer so much both defensively and offensively. I’m really happy for them and being involved in all three goals, that’s great for them as well. They deserve it because they work so hard at Spurs to be at that level.

They then show the same form in international football as well, which is great for Tottenham and England. I’m delighted for them, they were fantastic.”

Eric Dier

But then things went south when the England midfielder singled out Kyle Walker in his praise,

“I call Kyle ‘the stallion’, because he’s like a racehorse, up and down that flank.”


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Why did you have to make things weird, Dier? Isn’t being a Spurs player enough embarrassment?

Things were taken to a place that they shouldn’t have been. For all we know, Walker might slay in the bedroom, but that’s really not our place. These are details that can be spared for the common football fan. Besides, you can’t be spilling details like that to the journos, have some chill.

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It is quite possible that Dier doesn’t actually realise the mistake that he’s made as he does sort of look like the naive type that doesn’t know any better, but he also has that frat-boy swagger where he knows exactly the douche baggery that is taking part in. Oh, the duality of Dier.

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