7 great managers who lost their touch, like Mourinho

Sir Alex Ferguson’s long career may have had its peaks and troughs, but there was never any suggestion that the ruthless Scot had genuinely lost his managerial mojo – unlike United’s current gaffer, Mourinho.

Not every top-level manager has been so lucky though, and for most of them the period they spend at the very top of their game is usually relatively short-lived. Unless their name is Harry Redknapp, in which case it never actually started.

There are a variety of reasons why a managerial career may go to the dogs. Some are left behind by tactical innovations of fresh-faced upstarts, others take the wrong job, and some… well, some just inexplicably lose it, whatever it is.

Here are seven once great managers who lost their touch.

The upshot of finding yourself on the managerial scrapheap in Europe is that there is no shortage of deep-pocketed owners in football’s emerging markets prepared to offer you a second chance. Try not to make a mess of things over there though, because if you do you may find your credibility – if not your bank balance – takes an even bigger hit.

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