It’s about time West Ham realised the London pecking order

Ethan Tait

London is home to many top football teams in the Premier League and this makes for several fierce rivals. But one team, more than the others, likes to believe that they are top club and one that should be compared to the Chelsea and Arsenal – and no, it’s not Tottenham. 

West Ham United consistently try to convince us all that they aren’t a shit club. The Hammers almost fooled us last season with their performance that managed to put them into a place to qualify for European competition – which they proceeded to throw the chance away in truly humiliating fashion (maybe that’s the West Ham way?).

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But the sophomore slump of Slaven Bilic has put West Ham into a terrible position with the club sitting just a point out of the relegation zone. To make matters worse, the side is more than likely to lose Dmitri Payet in the January transfer window because he surely doesn’t want to be playing for a side with delusions of grandeur; PSG, here he comes.

After one decent season, West Ham fans had started comparing themselves and creating these stupid and trivial rivalries in their heads thinking that they are on the same level as Arsenal, Chelsea, and Tottenham. That’s like comparing Dirk Kuyt to Cristiano Ronaldo – there’s no comparison. One is a specimen and a damn good-looking footballer while the other looks like he’s related to the monster from The Goonies.

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West Ham fans need to see that their club is average and will once again settle in at midtable in the Premier League. Rivalries are formed over years of tough matches and West Ham’s rivals are not found in top flight football.

QPR and Millwall are the only teams that should be considered major rivals to the Hammers. Green Street Holigans didn’t properly describe West Ham as they might have a great firm, but it didn’t capture the true ‘level’ of the club.

West Ham needs to cool comparisons with the top dogs of London until they can figure out how to maintain success rather than one decent year and probably should stick to what they know, blowing bubbles.

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