Pogba’s Manchester United career has just reached a new low

If a train leaves the station at 2pm, and is due to arrive at 6pm at it’s destination, how many miles-per-hour must it be travelling to make the 600-mile journey?

A) Daniel Sturridge’s crazy arms

B) Mesut Ozil’s sucking of his thumb

C) Paul Pogba’s Dab

The answer is of course, C; well, it would be, if you were back in the world-record signing’s homeland of France.

@paulpogba and his famous dab celebration is now being used to teach maths in France. Amazing ?

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Pogba has been the unsolvable question for Mourinho, during his short – yet turbulent – time in the Old Trafford hot seat. And it would make for particularly awkward viewing, if a group of French students were able to solve the Pogba question quicker than the (not so) Special One.

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Other questions within the exam paper have been posted online, too. Take a look below to see whether you’d be more Gary Neville or Bebe.

If Rooney eats 12-pies-a-day, from the age of 16, at what age will he stop being a useful footballer?

What completes it’s movement first: the earth spinning on its axis or Daley Blind turning full circle?

If Mourinho is allowed two free punches, who gets the other one after Luke Shaw?


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