Manchester United’s Class of ’92 represent everything wrong with today’s game

The Class of ’92. The supposed greatest collection of young players ever to grace the game – or so the English media would have you believe. It’s about time that we discourage the mystery surrounding this group of players, once and for all.

From afar, it’s hard not to admire this group of lads. Between them they have garnered great personal success throughout their careers – and good for them. The problem is we are forced to hear about it week in, week out for reasons that don’t make a lickety-split of fucking sense.

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Because of what they did back in the “good old days”, today’s generation of footballers are striving to be just like their so called heroes. The problem with that is it is an entirely different era now, and we will never see a group of young Englishmen rise up through the same team ever again.

Foreign imports have made that virtually impossible and waving these perceived footballing gods in our faces does absolutely no good for anyone. Living in the past is something that United fans have mastered down to a tee in the last few years, and constantly reminding themselves of times gone by is only further handicapping today’s crop of potential stars.

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Every single move is critiqued. It’s not like it was before where you could go weeks without extensive coverage on how they were getting on. From under-18s level, young lads are being pushed way harder than they need to because the search is on for someone who can “Bend it like Beckham” or “defend like Neville”. Enough is enough.

Let’s stop pretending that the likes of Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes mean anything in 2016. Their time has come and gone and bankrolling Salford City is just their own personal way of getting themselves back in the media’s limelight, once again.

Both of these two in particular have been parading about as pundits, continually referring back to the 90s and noughties as a frame of reference. All that’s doing is stroking their own egos as opposed to enhancing the progression of the future generation.

“The Class of ’92 – all good players but their role at the club has been exaggerated. The Class of ’92 seems to have grown its own legs. It has become a brand. It’s as if they were a team away from a team and they are not shy of plugging in to it.”

Roy Keane

It’s a nice story for them – but the key word is them. For us regular folk down here in the real world, we couldn’t give two flying fucks about what that youth system did all those years ago. We did at one stage, for example when the documentary was brought out, but it should have lived and died right there.

Nostalgia in any form is poison for the beautiful game. Nobody can live forever and nobody should force their legacies to continue on. Because of the desire to paint these lads as the Maradona and Peles of their era, there are still articles being released on them on a far too regular basis – sure there’s some irony in there.

Even people like Roy Keane have come out and had their say regarding the overall influence of these players. It’s a dream world. It’s an exaggeration. It’s a fairytale that has gone on for too long – and it needs to stop.

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