Women With Drive: The movement changing the game of golf

In a sport ruled by men, you always hear about guys going on golf trips or playing 18 to spend time away from their wives. But what about the women of golf? Where do they fit in to a sport in which they are commonly underestimated or marginalized.

There is often talk about how to grow the number of women that play and how to improve their experience on the course – usually motivated by the need for higher profits. This involves a lot of sitting around and waiting for a bunch of men in polo shirts to decide it’s time to change things and well, we’ve been waiting for a long time.

A group of 9 women decided it was time to change things. The group met on GolfMatch and organized a women’s only golf trip to kick off what looks to be the start of a fierce movement of female golfers. From aspiring LPGA tour players to business owners to sports broadcasters, the women gathered in Scottsdale, Arizona.

None of the women had ever been on golf trip with girlfriends before. Their stories, experiences, and determined outlooks inspired each other and created a bond like no other. By the end of the weekend the 9 had a new outlook and plan for the future of women in the sport.

These are the Women With Drive on a mission to kill it in the golf world:

Amanda Robertson – Tulare, CA (@arobertsongolf)

Source: Instagram

Amanda Robertson is a professional golfer currently playing for the Cactus Tour in Arizona, Canadian Tour, and Symetra Tour! She also co-owns Back Swing Golf Events with McKenzie Lyng, which provides fun and entertaining challenges for any kind of outing. You think you can beat the pro on your favorite par-3? Think again.

Anna DePalma – San Clemente, CA (@depalma03)

Source: Instagram

Anna DePalma’s dream? To one day jump into Poppies Pond after winning the Kraft Nabisco Champ. Anna is an extremely dedicated and hardworking woman who attended the University of Hawaii and the University of Iowa on golf scholarships, turning professional shortly after graduating. Competing on The Cactus Tour and The Symetra Tour, while preparing for Q-School in August, she is getting one step closer to her dream. LPGA, watch out for this one.

McKenzie Lyng – Akron, OH (@mckenzielyng)

Source: Instagram

McKenzie Lyng attended Kent State University and played collegiate golf for four years. After moving to Arizona she became a professional golfer, touring on the Cactus, Canadian, and Symetra Tour. Not too soon after she was cast in Big Break Mexico, where she showed off her skills to the world. She then partnered with her good friend Amanda Robertson to create their booming business, Back Swing Golf Events. Golfer, Actress, Businesswoman, what can’t this girl do?

McKenzie O’Connell – Sidney, NE (@kenzie.oconnell)

Source: Instagram

Kenzie O’Connell is a model with a passion for golf currently living in Denver, Colorado. She is an aspiring teaching pro who wants to grow golf at the youth level. Girls at a young age need someone to look up to and Kenzie can be that someone! Growing the game from the inside out.. incredible.

Miko Page – Brooklyn, NY (@mikothi)

Source: Instagram

Miko Page is breaking the mold and inspiring girls everywhere. She wants to show girls that you can make your dream come true as long as you are dedicated, hardworking, and are willing to make sacrificing, no matter where you come from. Her goal is to become the first professional golfer to make it big from Brooklyn, NY, which only boasts 2 golf courses. 

Nikki B – Sacramento, CA (@nikkibgolf)

Source: Instagram

Although initially getting into the game a bit later, Nikki B can’t get enough course time and strives to create a place for herself in golf media. With the help of iFit Golf she launched her own review site for anything and everything golf related. Her reviews range from weatherproof makeup for the female golfer, to workouts that help you strengthen your core and hopefully take some strokes off your game. Nikki is innovative, smart, and here to make you better on the golf course.

Sara Winter – British Columbia, Canada (@saramwinter)

Source: Instagram

Sara Winter is a former Miss Canada who also just happens to love golf. Along with being a published model and on her way to becoming a pharmacist, Sara comes from Vancouver island, a small community with only one golf course. Her father started the first driving range in Duncan where she spent hours practicing as a kid. Sara is in the process of moving to Arizona for more golf friendly territory. 

Savannah Vilaubi – Downey, CA (@savannahvilaubi)

Source: Instagram

Savannah Vilaubi is an aspiring LPGA Tour Pro and has already won two tournaments this year on the Cactus Tour. She was on the University of California Riverside collegiate team, becoming NCAA champs  before turning pro after graduating. These two wins are only the beginning for Savannah on the road to getting her tour card. Who needs luck when you work hard and are awesome!

Tisha Abrea – Rockford, IL (@tishaalyn)

Source: Instagram

Tisha Abrea ended her successful collegiate career at Cal State Fullerton in 2015, turning pro soon after competing on the mini-tours. She ran away with a win by 11 shots at the NWGA tournament at Hidden Valley Golf Club in Norco, California and just won her first Cactus Tour event. She plans on going to Q-School to try get her hands on an LPGA Tour card. With all of her hard work and determination there’s no doubt she will succeed even further.

“We’re fighting for the same thing, trying to build the amount of women in golf.” -Tisha

What all of these women discovered over the weekend getaway is that they can take things into their own hands and be the change they want to see in golf. They realized that they now have a powerful tool in GolfMatchApp to meet more women like them and grow a movement. Whether aspiring to play on tour, make it in golf media or a position behind the scenes, these women are carving out a new path towards a better world of golf. 

Get involved, get inspired, and become a Woman With Drive.

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