England have two future managers ready and waiting

EPL legends and England national team stalwarts both retired from the MLS, this week. But not to worry, they won’t be short of work, as they will be managing the Three Lions in the future. 

The England national team is Bill Murray’s Groundhogs Day as a team. They are the Charlie Brown of international football. First you have the hype that comes from being the country that has the EPL. Somehow people expect that since the world’s best league is in England then their national team is equally as powerful and exciting. Second, you have the never ending cycle of easy qualification matches in which England cruises through before crashing out against equal and better competition.

Fans want to hope. I think a lot of the football world actually continues to hope that England could being a force again. However, each World Cup and Euro cycle everyone is left with the same feeling.

Every time a new star emerges he either doesn’t get used correctly or fails on the big stage. Every new manager brought it seems unable to adapt to the modern game or you get the Sam Allardyce scandal. (Seriously, how did he fall for that?)

England need a new symbol to believe in. They need completely new managerial blood. And they have two on the way. Stevie G and Lamps – although neither actually said the retirement word, their playing careers are basically over.

The FA need to get both into coaching roles in the youth system or at an EPL club ASAP. Fast track both players through the coaching badges over the next few years. The result a Gerrard/Lampard super duo managing the Three Lions after World Cup 2018.

Both players have over 100 caps for England. Over 20 goals a piece. Both have captained the national team. Not to mention the countless honours and stats that elevate their club careers.

Let’s be honest. England can’t get more off the rails, so this could be the way forward. Many other national teams have transferred star players into managers and seen success. See Franz Beckenbauer (Germany) and Mario Zagallo (Brazil).

Get it together FA. Give this kid some hope. Perhaps in his lifetime he can see England lift a trophy.

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