Flash Wolves Strike Fear Into The Hearts Of Future MSI Opponents With Dominant Win

There were no such wildcard heroics during the second fixture of the Mid-Season Invitational Play-In Round 2. After being gifted to the spirited performance of the Gigabyte Marines, perhaps the Sao Paulo crowd were grateful for a clinical and flawless sweep, as the Flash Wolves dispatched SuperMassive eSports in under an hour a half. The Taiwanese squad looked typically coordinated and ruthless, already living up to their pre-tournament hype.

Make no mistake, the Flash Wolves are a force to be reckoned with at the 2017 Mid-Season Invitational. Entering the tournament on the back of a dominant Spring Split in their home nation Taiwan and already with the Katowice Intel Extreme Masters to their name, the Wolves were widely tipped to be a tournament contender. Granted that Turkey’s SuperMassive eSport did not provide the most formidable of opposition, but the frightening precision with which Flash Wolves put the wild card to the sword will certainly not have escaped the attention of their future opponents.

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Flash Wolves have now formally submitted their statement of intent for ownership of the MSI 2017 trophy, decimating wildcard team SuperMassive eSports in a 3-0 sweep to confirm their slot for the group stages in Rio de Janeiro.

SuperMassive provided little resistance to the Flash Wolves onslaught. Spearheaded by jungler Hung “Karsa” Hau-Hsuan in their attack, the LMS champions outclassed their Turkish opponents on practically every front, producing a performance more dominant than anything seen so far in Brazil. Following the example set by his teammate, mid laner Yi-Tang “Maple” Huang quickly found his rhythm in the series, blowing up SUP carries on sight.

Source: Riot Games Flickr

The Flash Wolves roster moved and acted as a single cohesive unit, punishing even the slightest misstep from the SuperMassive challengers. In each of the three games in the series, FW would collapse upon SUP’s AD Carry and support, ravaging the lane early on three consecutive occasions, before exerting pressure elsewhere on the map.

Though certain elements of Flash Wolves’ emphatic victory could be chalked up to the inexperience of their opposition, take nothing away from the precise synergy that led to a number of the games’ pivotal moments:

Whilst Maple and Karsa tallied the kills for the Wolves, it was top laner Li-Hong “MMD” Yu who brought down the hammer blow for the LMS champions in their team fighting. Within seconds the Wolves would transform a docile region of the map into a canvas of death and SuperMassive regret.

Head and shoulders above any other team in their region and renowned as the international stages’ ‘Korean Killers’, the fearsome Flash Wolves are a team many will dread facing in the group stages. Though many fear the sting of SK Telecom T1, the bite of the Wolves may prove to be even more punishing.

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