WATCH: The shocking treatment of a Spanish fan at Wembley

No, the shocking moment wasn’t England leading Spain 2-0; only for the Three Lions to do their best impression of the Three Lions and get pegged back to 2-2 from 89 minutes. Vintage, vintage England.

And, no, the shocking moment wasn’t Jamie Vardy trying do Diego Costa 2.0 on Chelsea’s, Cesar Azpilicueta. Jesus christ, the Skittles wielding striker was lucky to not even be carded for this shocker challenge.

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More blinding than that, a Spanish fan was forced to cover up his colours in an international friendly?! A friendly between Spain and England – who actually bats an eye lid at this game?

It’s a friendly kick about; a chance for the peripherals of Spain such as Juan Mata to have a run out, and for Gareth Southgate to try and further convince the FA that he’s more PC than Roy Hodgson.

Well, this official here is doing his best impression to not be PC, by basically sending this Spanish fan packing and ruining the bloke’s night.

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To be honest, they’ll be arguments coming in ‘oh the Spaniards are in the English section, the fans should be split apart in fear that Millwall v West Ham might break out’. Bollocks. That is never ever going to happen in an international friendly at Wembley. Never. Scotland bloody outsung England the other night, and there was only a few thousand of them.

No one cares enough, and mainly because the audience on the night against Spain was a load of corporate people taking clients out for a midweek jolly. We doubt anyone was even really watching the game, and instead trying to do their best ‘yardy-yardy-ya’ impression in-front of potential business partners.

The official has just made himself look like an anal bloke, who has to stick by the fuckin’ guidelines, and ruin a couple of Spanish fans night. Let them have their evening, whether they’ve come all the way from Alicante or some London suburb.

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