Manchester United ban father and son from Old Trafford for ridiculous reason

Ticket touting; frowned upon in general, but, it wouldn’t be a matchday without hundreds of those blokes shouting on the side; ‘buying, or selling’, yeah, you know the ones. That shout as you’re grabbing your burger, or picking up one of those awful half-and-half scarves. 

Anyway, with the internet being the internet, there’s now a new way people are flogging spare tickets to shitty games like Man United away in Turkey. A Red Devils fan, was trying to sell his own and son’s ticket to Fenerbahce away; and this is what he got back from the United bureaucracy.

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For fuck sake! Really?! For one, who reads all the T&C’s, and secondly, a three-year ban for such an act?! Bollocks. Seems ridiculously harsh from United’s elite, who are happy to splash £89million on #Poglost, but ban a kid and his old man for three years for trying to avoid a 2-1 loss to a Dick Advocaat side; a bloke who makes my Grandad look like Harry Styles.


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Sorry, Dick.

Regardless, United are no strangers to dishing out what would seem over the top punishments. God knows what Rui Faria and Jose Mourinho do to poor old Marcus Rashford when the lad’s not training well, he probably turns into their whipping boy.

Speaking of Rashford, remember that winner he got against Hull earlier on in the season? Well, poor old season ticket holder, Graeme Clarke, couldn’t as he was too ill to go to the game and collect his ticket. The result? A 12-month ban.

Bloody joke. United are genuinely better enforcing a full-time ban on Wayne Rooney’s Greggs subscription, and Marcos Rojo’s tattoo parlour. That would seem to make a lot more sense.

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