Gareth Bale has betrayed Cristiano Ronaldo by naming another United legend

It’s hard not to imagine that a game of Trivial Pursuit around Ronaldo’s house on Christmas Day, doesn’t result in every question being answered: “Cristiano Ronaldo”.

The Real Madrid icon doesn’t lack any self belief.

The Ballon d’Or winners if Messi and Ronaldo didn’t exist

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So you can imagine just how the former Manchester United man will react when he finds out that, Los Blancos teammate, Gareth Bale, didn’t name him when asked: “Who is the greatest player you have played with or played on the pitch?”

Bale instead opted for a bloke who makes a night out with Wayne Bridge and Gareth Southgate seem like a massive tear up for the Facebook album ‘IBI$A 2k14’.

“For me the greatest player is Ryan Giggs. He was my hero growing up and is a legend in world football. It also helps he’s a fellow Welshman.”


As expected, Bale has opted for the cliche, PR-driven line; a line that he been trotted out so often regarding Giggs, that it has somehow become believable.

The former Red Devils winger doesn’t warrant anywhere near the praise he gets. Sure, tip your cap to the man for doing a bit of yoga and not getting out of breath at the top of stairs. However, apart from a couple of scintillating years in the late 90s and early noughties, Giggs was a bit average.

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The whole longevity argument, when singing the merits of Giggs, the loyal one-club-man, like Gary Neville, is all bit redundant.

Oh well bloody done for staying at England’s biggest and most successful club for your whole career! Fair play, because it must’ve been horrible winning all those trophies and being paid more money than most others in your field.

Matt Le Tissier, on the other hand, remained at Southampton his whole career, wasn’t recognised at international level as much as he should’ve been, and rejected moves to the likes of Sir Alex Ferguson’s United; now that is loyalty.

Carry on churning out the media friendly bollocks, though, Gareth.

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