The brilliant story of how Dimitar Berbatov became a Newcastle fan

Dimitar Berbatov is one of the most underrated strikers in the history of the Premier League, and it turns out his idol throughout his early years was the greatest of all-time – Alan Shearer.

How fucking cool is that?!

Honestly, these two together would’ve been one of the most lethal partnerships in the history of football and if you were a defender coming up against them, you way aswell give it up. Literally just retire.

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This seemingly cheesy story starts well over two decades ago, way back at the 1996 European Championships. It was at this tournament that the god amongst men, that is Alan Shearer, carved his legacy as one of England’s greatest strikers.

The forward had admirers far and wide, with everyone appreciating his footballing genius – and one of the impressionable youths watching was a 15-year-old, Dimitar Berbatov.

The Bulgarian began looking up to good old Alan as he started his own footballing journey that has continued on to the present day. His mother later spoke of Dimitar’s teenage dream of playing for Newcastle United in order to follow in the now 46-year-old’s footsteps.

Hell, the youngster’s admiration was so strong that he would even sleep in a Newcastle shirt night in and night out. If that isn’t the single damn greatest story you’ve ever heard, then check your bloody pulse.

Interestingly enough the argument could be made that they share some similar traits, from the lethal finishing ability that could come from anywhere on the pitch to their perceived laziness. Neither man would allow that kind of negativity to phase them, though, and both worked harder than 90% of the modern day crop combined.

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In 2009 they actually met in a Football Focus interview, and you could just see the joyful radiation coming from the ex-Manchester United striker’s face. Sensational stuff.

Who knows?! Maybe there’s a teenage prodigy reading this right now wanting to grow into the next Berba. Ah fuck it, we all want to be like him. The bloke resembles a Greek god.

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