Nigel Farage has just cost Manchester United a lot of money

Manchester United are so fucked. Lol. 

We shouldn’t laugh. But the very fact, when you think things can’t possibly get worse for the Red Devils, something else pops up, makes for bleak viewing/reading.

And thanks to Brexit causing the decline in the value of the sterling – Raheem’s stock has grown, though – Manchester United’s debt has risen 18% to an even more eyewatering amount of £338million.

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Nigel Farage, much like Sir Alex Ferguson, jumped a sinking ship; stuffing as many trophies, headlines and plaudits he could carry into a carrier bag – bet he didn’t pay the 5p, either – before signing off, like a coward, seeing how far he could get before people realised “Britain/United is fucked”.

The debt, which is growing quicker than Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s nose, isn’t just down to muppets like Farage influencing the ignorant, though, with Manchester United’s lack of Champions League football contributing to a shortfall in income.

It’s amusing, really, that United fans are the most vocal in rubbishing Arsene Wenger’s Champions League qualification achievements. And yet the Red Devils now resemble a person trying to find the toilet, at 3am, in the pitch black, when it comes to regularly appearing in the Champions League, again.

May as well accept you aren’t getting top four, this season, United fans.

In United’s defence, at least something around Old Trafford is increasing, as apart from Wayne Rooney’s waist, nothing has increased/improved for years around the Red Devils – certainly not Paul Pogba’s market value.

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