14 of the most pathetic Premier League debut seasons

Sometimes, when a big signing doesn’t work out it’s understandable. Perhaps they had a small injury or tried their hardest but couldn’tĀ adapt, however, sometimes you just have to ask: “do you even have legs?”.

These are by far the most pathetic debut seasons for players at new clubs, and one way or another they all failed to make the desired impact. Big time.

Quite amazingly, Radamel Falcao was given the chance at two debut seasons. And with two of the Premier League’s biggest clubs. Actually, so was Juan Sebastian Veron; why an earth do the Red Devils and the Blues think that they can get something out of a player the other couldn’t?

If you’re a fan of any of the sides that acquired these players, our heart truly goes out to you. It’s at this point you’re probably throwing your burnt replica shirts at the screen and sobbing into a large bottle of vodka. Blame them.

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