Six things that show it is Liverpool’s title to lose

We’ve all heard it for years. The insufferable four words that come out of every deluded Liverpool fan’s mouth – “this is our year”. Usually you reply with “fuck off, no it isn’t” in a stern and confident manner, but this season there may actually be some substance too it – and these six reasons are proof.

Now, we’ve been here before. The Scousers have provided their supporters with false hope on a number of occasions over the last few years regarding title pushes, but more often than not they slip and fall away. Kind of like Gerrard.

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After years of mockery and being shoved to the side for not being good enough, this is finally the moment for Liverpool Football Club to stand up and be counted once again. No longer will they be removed from the discussion of top clubs in this nation, because they’re ready to reclaim their position atop the English football pedestal. This. Is. Their. Year.

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