Former United gaffer commits ultimate sin and names Man City and Liverpool players

Ron Atkinson; now, there’s a proper, old school football man. And it was nothing short of a pleasure to meet the former Manchester United manager, earlier this week.

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The only thing that spoilt the day, was the hotel’s carpet – not seen something that disgraceful since Gervinho’s miss against Bradford City in the League Cup.

Big Ron was promoting his new book ‘The Manager’ – yeah, you’re right; there’s a lot of books out there with the same name. However, if you ask us, we aren’t saying it’s the best ‘The Manager’ book out there, but it’s certainly in the top one.

Ron was, as you’d expect, a proper geezer; a real standup renegade. And was open with us when discussing all sorts about the beautiful game (including this hilarious story about playing someone who was drunk on champagne).

We put the question to Ron, if he was lucky enough to be given a blank cheque by an owner who has no moral compass, and is willing to just buy success – let’s call him Roman – which three current Premier League players would he purchase?

Well, Coutinho is top draw. He’s a quality player; offers everything.

You want a goalscorer, that’s what you want. Aguero has to be there as well, as he comes with a multitude.

Dele Alli; brilliant player, particularly with his age.

You’d win the second division just with them in.

They’d be good Luton town players wouldn’t they?!

Ron Atkinson

No arguments on the Aguero inclusion – no United fan could argue against the Argentine international being the best striker ever to grace the Premier League. However, Coutinho? Not sure playing well for a few games every six months warrants plaudits. Alli? Meh.

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