Joey Barton has five contract offers

Neil Renton

He promised that he’d be the best player in Scotland. Instead, after only eight games in a spell wrecked with controversy, Joey Barton, has had his contract terminated by Rangers.

In that time he managed to wind up Celtic captain Scott Brown and their manager Brendan Rodgers with social media taunts, he had a bust up with team mate Andy Halliday which resulted in Barton being banned from the club only to return before being signed off with stress.

A host of teams are said to be interested in adding Barton to their squad hoping that he’d leave his baggage at the door and bring with him the form he showed at Burnley.

But if Joey was to turn his back on football, what other careers avenues could he explore?

Gambling expert

Before Barton can play for a club he must serve a one-match ban imposed by the SFA over betting on 44 football games whilst at Rangers.

Barton was explained the SFA’s zero tolerance stance on betting at the start of the season but appeared to ignore it.

Instead of letting it get to him, he could put his knowledge to the test by becoming a betting pundit. There’s a John McCririck shaped hole in the gambling presenting world just now and Joey would be the ideal person to fill it.

Fight Conor McGregor

Loud. Aggressive. Arrogant. But that’s enough about Barton.

If he was looking to unleash some of that pent up frustration, what about a UFC bout against everybody’s favourite Irish tattooed brawler McGregor?

Barton has previous including fighting with team mate Ousmane Dabo which left the player with a detached retina, was jailed for common assault and affray and tried to take on the entire Manchester City side whilst at QPR in a move that saw him handed a twelve-match ban.

In fact, McGregor is probably the only person Barton hasn’t had a scrap with yet.

Due to previous misdemeanours Joey may have a problem getting a visa to visit America so a mega dollar fight in Vegas could be off the cards. But something that would generate so much publicity could be held in a glamorous venue like Wembley. Or outside a McDonald’s.

Go On I’m A Celebrity

It’s that guaranteed way to boost your profile in time for Christmas when you’ll be looking to release a cook book or a calendar. Or a calendar full of poses of you cooking.

It also gives the public a chance to see a well known face in a different light. Wouldn’t we want to see Joey exchange intellectual views with Scarlett Moffat from Gogglebox before he swaps conundrums with former Countdown presenter Carol Vorderman?

You could see Barton clashing with the likes of Danny Baker, Wayne Bridge and Ant and Dec. You could see him rowing with the kangaroo whose testicles he had to eat as part of a Bushtucker Trial. You could see him arguing with that empty hut they record their video messages in.

Pundit On French Television

Is it safe to say there’s a slight interest in Ligue 1? Zlatan might have left PSG to join Manchester United but Mario Balotelli is now at the mighty Nice.

To make the game in France more interesting, television companies could do worse than hire Barton as a pundit. After his stint in Marseille the man is clearly fluent in French. Either that or his hero is the fake police officer from ‘Allo ‘Allo.

Host The Turner Prize

Art still has a boring reputation amongst many people and that’s because it is. What it needs is a philosopher who quotes Orwell, Virgil and Aristotle. Who won’t be afraid to speak his mind and call an unkempt bed an unkempt bed.

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