Justice! Facebook helped catch this golf club thief

If you come for Kieran Rouse’s golf clubs, you better make sure there are no security cameras watching.

This is the lesson a Mississippi woman found out the hard way. Kieran Rouse, a Mississippi worship leader, took to Facebook to post a video of his golf clubs being stolen. Rouse hoped someone would be able identify the offending party, leading to her apprehension and the return of his beloved weaponry.

The security cam footage clearly shows the crime of opportunity unfolding: A woman walks up to the minister’s door, sees bag, deliberates for a second, then snags the clubs and hops into her getaway truck.

“Need some help making somebody Facebook famous,” Rouse wrote on the social media service.

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Well, Facebook famous she is. The video was viewed over 400,000 times in short order, and law enforcement in another county tracked down the sticks in a pawn shop.

Not to stereotype, but where do you think the offending parties were arrested? If you said “Walmart,” you’re right.

Rouse told the Sun Herald that his real joy is in the fact that the pilfering duo won’t be stealing from anyone else, but you’d have to expect he’s thrilled to have his bag back. Golfers love their clubs, after all.

Amy Beth Minor and Bryan Shane Bebermeyer were tossed in the clink Wednesday. From the looks of the video, they were absconding with more than just golf clubs, showing up at houses and making off with whatever they could toss in the flatbed, like reverse Santa Clauses.

Golfers who need to avoid dropping the soap in prison (and some who don’t):

“It’s mind-blowing,” Rouse told Sun Herald.

“I was being sarcastic or facetious when I made the post. I figured it would get a few shares locally and maybe somebody would recognize her or the truck. But it’s been shared on the west side of Texas and up in Wisconsin or somewhere near there.”

Or somewhere near there! What an ordeal. Not nearly as great as the thief who dressed like a golfer to gain entry to top clubs and clean out lockers in 2013, but a good story still.

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