Was Roberto Carlos high as a kite when saying who the best left-back is?

Errr?! Mr Carlos, are you feeling alright, pal?! Because your latest claim as to who is the best left-back has got people raising their eyebrows proper Carlo Ancelotti style.

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Yep, the former Real Madrid man has chosen loyalty and delusion, over sense and logic as to who is the greatest left-back in football…

“Marcelo is the best in the world, making football more real.”

Roberto Carlos

That just stinks of someone who has played for Real Madrid and Brazil. Yeah, yeah, we’re sure your pals, and swap stories salivating over some Brazilians birds doing the cha-cha.

But, the bottom line is, there’s no way Marcelo is the best left-back in the world. Alright, fair enough, good going forward, can sometimes produce skills on a par with Neymar, but defensively?! No, no, I wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him.

Maybe Roberto is just jealous of his hair, and wants a loan…

Roberto Carlos

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The Brazilian went further saying…

“Technically he [Marcelo] is better (than I was). I was more power and punch.”

Roberto Carlos

I’m sorry, Roberto, absolutely not, mate. We don’t care how much you love the lad, there’s no way he’s technically better than you. You were by far one – if not – the greatest left-back ever, a combination of everything, including a technical ability from set-pieces which should have created a new name around Real Madrid, “Los Bendos”.

Sorry, I’l get my coat.

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