Rory McIlroy gets MRI scan; results are both good and bad

Rory McIlroy told the media during The Players that he planned to have an MRI scan the Monday after due to pain. McIlroy had missed a few tournaments in the beginning of the season because of a fractured rib in his back.

The results of the MRI scan are mostly positive but it’s not all good. Rory made a statement regarding the test earlier this week:

“MRI scan confirmed no new injury, rather a low grade response to the rib joint I injured earlier this year.”

So there’s no NEW injury, but he’s clearly putting stress on his old injury, which is troubling for his practice and on course play. He noted that the pain is not as bad as it was when he first fractured his rib but pain at all is not great.

Rory blames his excitement to get back into the field for the stress he has now put on his back.

“I took three weeks off, and then I went back at it begin on Friday [before the Players] and instead of maybe gradually building it up again, I hit balls for four or five hours on Friday and did the same on Saturday.

I felt a bit of stiffness on Sunday, hit a couple of drives that didn’t feel quite right. So I maybe should have just taken it a bit easier over the weekend, but I was excited to get back, excited to get ready to play again and so maybe just being a little over keen was a detriment.”

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Not to mention the strain it’s putting on his new marriage. McIlroy married Erica Stoll earlier this month and apparently his back is not helping the newlyweds. He said he’s been trying to sleep on his right side at night, meaing he has literally had to turn his back on her.

Source: Twitter @irishmirror

“That’s sort of facing away from Erica and she’s like, ‘Why? Are you not happy with me? What’s going on?’

“I’m like, ‘No, no, it’s fine I’m just taking care of my back.’”

So now not only is this fracture hurting his game but it’s messing with his marriage. If we know anything about Rory, he’s sure to overcome this obstacle. He is on the roster to play the BMW PGA Championship, the European Tour’s flagship event, next week. He also revealed in that statement that he will decide at the beginning of next week whether he is “in a position to compete.”

With the U.S. Open getting closer, McIlroy will surely want to be in tip top shape.

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