Arsenal are an absolute waste of money

Some teams score a lot of goals. Some teams charge a lot of money. So where is the best deal in the EPL for a goal-per-dollar? 

The Premier League is the biggest league in world. No, stop La Liga and Bundesliga fans. Yes, Spain has two of the global giants, but the league is weak overall. Yes, Germany has the highest average attendance, but this is a global game. When Arsenal faced off against Manchester United Saturday morning millions around the world will be tuned in.

The global reach has pushed teams into stadium improvements, escalating transfer fees, and insane weekly wages. While the TV revenue gets better every year, that doesn’t mean that the local fans get a break. More often the ticket prices just keep rising, pushing out some loyal fans and the family crowd. But that is the world that we live in now.

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Now whether or not you team scores, or even wins, you have to be loyal. Otherwise you aren’t really a fan of the club. But it sure is nice to see a goal, especially when you are paying so much for each ticket.

So are you wondering how much value your team got last season or thinking through the best match-up to go see in order to see goals for a reasonable price? If so, we are in luck! The graphic below, provided by 8by8, breaks down the value of goal per pound for the entire 2014-15 season.

Topping the charts was the high flying Manchester City. For only £6.36 you could see a goal for the City blues. Not bad considering you were probably also getting a victory last year. But of course with all that fire power they were knocking in goals and bringing that average down. How about the surprises?


£8.66-per-goal! The second cheapest rate goes to the Turf Moor. A huge surprise here, as you could probably convince most that Burnley scored 10 goals all of last year. A great ticket rate and steady action make this the go-to team for neutrals or the family crowd.


It can be brutal to be a Gooner at times. second place last year to Leicester – that still stings. But the most expensive ticket price for goal return ratio on top of that. Plus it isn’t even close at £32.71 they are nearly nine pounds more than the second worst team. Limited goals and steep prices, guess we know they are loyal (or rich) (or both).

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Come on Cherries! You aren’t offering up the goals of Burnley, the low ticket prices of Leicester or at least the big name stars of Arsenal. Instead your fans got stressed out last year paying more per goal than Chelsea or Manchester United. Lucky for them (and you) the team survived to fight another day. However £23.91 for a Bournemouth goal is a price hardly anyone is paying.

Here is the full EPL breakdown from last year.

Goals Chart
Goals Chart (Credit: 8by8)

How do you feel about those prices per goal? Arsenal fans are getting screwed, but thus is fandom. And apparently the City vs. Burnley ties are the best match-ups to see. Especially since Burnley are having a decent season right now! Leave us your thoughts and analysis.

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